Rhode Island Young Marines

Our next boot camp is scheduled to begin March 1, 2017.

A Prospective Young Marine family INFORMATION NIGHT will be held on Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

The purpose of this evening is to provide information and answer any questions you may have.  You will get a chance to hear from our current Young Marines and observe some Drill.  Parents/Guardians and prospective recruits must attend.


$50.00 one time non refundable fee.  
Uniform Fee of $150.00 is due the fourth (4th) week of Boot Camp.
Unit Encampment Fee of $30.00 is due only when encampments are scheduled. 
Battalion, Regimental, & National Encampments:  Fees are determined by their respective Headquarters
​Monthly dues are $15 and will begin the first of the month following the recruit graduation.


The Enrollment Application Is required to enroll your child in the Rhode Island Young Marines along with a copy of your child's health insurance card (front & back) and a copy of a current (non-expired) school physical. 

The child's Birth Certificate & Social Security card must be presented for confirmation of identity (no copies of these two items will be kept on file.)

*Your child WILL NOT be allowed to enroll without a current physical examination form from your child's physician*

​Recruit uniform and supplies:  (NOT included in enrollment fee and is the responsibility of the recruit to provide):
White t-shirt (to be worn under sweat suit), Black Shorts, Black Sweat Pants, Black Sweatshirt, sneakers and water bottle.
​1" binder, notebook, pen/pencil which must be brought to every drill.  Recruits should wear/bring these items beginning the first night of recruit training and every drill period thereafter.  Hair cuts are required for male recruits.  Hair should not be long enough to touch ears or back of neck and not over 3 inches in length.  Male recruits are also required to shave any facial hair, if necessary.  Female recruits with long hair must tightly secure hair with gel or hairspray and pull into a low bun secured with an elastic matching hair color.  Short hair is not authorized to touch the shoulders.  If it does, please refer to long hair requirements. No barrettes, clips or bobby pins or brightly colored elastics are authorized.  No eccentric hair colors are authorized.  Hair must be a of a natural color.  No blue, bright reds or other bright colors. ​